California State Bar Ethics Proposal on Prohibiting Prosecutors from receiving Political Support by Law Enforcement Unions

Good afternoon all,

We just wanted to give you a heads up about something coming up for public hearing tomorrow (August 11, 2020) at 10:00 AM.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, along with Contra County’s and San Joaquin County’s District Attorney’s Office have actually written to the State Bar of California requesting that a new Rule of Professional Conduct or Ethic Opinion be issued prohibiting elected prosecutors (or those seeking election) from seeking or accepting political or financial support from law enforcement unions.

Aside from the conflict (or at the very least the appearance of conflict) that these endorsements represent, there is the greater issue of these unions playing a major role in local politics and policymaking. These well-funded organizations always endorse candidates that advance their interest and who will protect their people. We have all experienced the results of the policies promoted by these unions, whether it be the filing of a case without requesting full discovery from the officers or the relentless pursuit of a non-existence Obstruction of Justice (Cal. Pen. Code, ยง 148) charge to protect the officer from civil liability.

Upon consideration of these issues and more, the board has decided to comment on behalf of the organization. Here is a copy of our letter.


Paul Leonidas Lin, Secretary
Riverside County Criminal Defense Bar Association

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