Updates as we move towards California’s Reopening.

Hey All,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update with the court as we start moving towards California’s reopening.

Video Arraignments will be Eliminated
Within a few weeks I would expect to see that video arraignment courts will end and things to go back to in person in custody arraignments. 

Once that does occur, we should have two new departments available for trials, ASSUMING THE COURTS GET APPROPRIATE STAFFING for those court rooms.  That part is more likely months away, as hiring and training need to occur before that can happen (a large number of clerks retired/resigned.)
Mandatory Settlement Conferences can be held in any courthouse
There was some mistaken belief held by many DA’s and Judges that a SW or Banning case couldn’t come to Riverside for a MSC.  I spoke to Judge Molloy, the DA’s office, and Judge Taylor and none of them were opposed. So we can now set cases for MSC in downtown on cases out of Banning and SW.  Judge Clarke was on the call and asked questions about logistics so she won’t be a barrier in SW.  Please let me know if you have pushback from other Judges in outlying courts when asking to set a MSC.   We would much rather be doing them with the Judges (Taylor, Kelly) than options in those outlying courts so remember that when thinking about the inconvenience of coming to HOJ on a case from the outlying courts.
Another 30-day extension has been granted
Finally, another new 30 day order granting an extension was just issued also for those of you hoping to get your trials dismissed in the coming month for 1382 violations.


Graham Donath
President, RCCDBA

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