Adding a Case on in San Bernardino County

A big thank you to Mark Cantrell for sharing this with us.

Hi Graham,  

I wanted to share some info I received regarding getting a case on calendar in SB county. For example, you have a guy in custody and the DA is willing to deal it as CTS.  I have also used this method to request a bail hearing.  I suggest that you pass this along to all our RCCDBA members.  

Mark Cantrell  

Time Critical Matters
To submit a calendar request, send an email to by 11:00 a.m. to request a future calendar date, using the following format:

Email Subject: Time Critical Request (Indicate case jurisdiction, i.e. JT, RC, SB, VV)

In the body of the email, include:
Case number
Defendant name
Booking number, if applicable
Counsels’ names & contact information
Whether defendant is in-custody or not
+ If defendant is in-custody whether presence is required
Qualifying factor for time critical status
Calendar date

Any requests received after 11:00 a.m. will not be processed until the following day.

In my experience, the clerk will email you promptly and tell you what to do. 

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