Riverside County Courts 2nd Update: May 7, 2020

 Judge Molloy contacted me a bit ago asking to get the word out.  As of right now, under the CJ’s emergency orders, the maximum additional time given to bring a case to trial is 90 days from whatever the prior last day was.   Conceivably, that means that certain cases could have new last days as early as June 16 or 17th

Clearly there are issues for the court with this, and conceivably for us as lawyers as well, albeit for different reasons.  The Court is asking for everyone to examine their pending jury trial list, and determine what trials you have with last days falling between June 15th and July 15th.  If you have such a trial, the court is asking for you to speak with the DA and determine whether or not you intend on moving forward or not without an additional continuance or time waiver. 

If you DO NOT intend to move forward, you may file a stipulated 1050 with the court to continue your trial date, and the clerks will accept them. 

If you ARE intending on moving forward, you are asked to contact the Master Calendar Judge (Molloy for HOJ and Banning, Hanson for SW, Benjamini for Indio) via email WITH YOUR DA CC’d, including your telephone number, to arrange a conference with the court.

For HOJ and Banning, email Judge Molloy (John.Molloy@riverside.courts.ca.gov)
For Indio, email Judge Benjamini (Dean.Benjamini@riverside.courts.ca.gov)
For Southwest, email Judge Hansen (Kelly.Hansen@riverside.courts.ca.gov)

Graham D. Donath, President
Riverside County Criminal Defense Bar Association

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