Riverside County Courts Update: April 9, 2020

Good evening everyone!  We have the NEW BAIL SCHEDULE.  It is critical that you review this at length.  I’m happy to answer any additional questions, but here goes:

Everyone should review their in-custody clients to determine who will be affected by this, which is a lot more people than you’d think.  Once you determine what you think bail SHOULD be (or that your client should get OR’d), fill out the STIPULATION FORM.  You will need to send it to the DA’s office first for them to agree or, in some situations, disagree.

Pro tip:  If you don’t have the most up to date version of adobe reader, it will help you to download it.  You can do this all electronically (including sign it!) and will help expedite the process.

For Indio, please send your form to: Victoria Weiss (vlweiss@rivcoda.org) AND Rodney Tethal (rtethal@rivcoda.org)

For Southwest, please send your form to Michael Cabral (mjcabral@rivcoda.org)

For HOJ and Banning, please send your form to Michelle Paradise (mparadise@rivcoda.org)

Once the stips are signed, the DA will send them over to the court and CC you on the email.

Q & A

Q:  What happens if the DA doesn’t agree with my calculations?
A:  The next step is to informally talk with the court about it.  You are to email the Judge with the defendant’s name, case number, the DA’s name, and everyone’s phone numbers.  I would title the email with “[case number] OR/Bail informal conference request.”  The court does NOT want extraneous information coming through.

For HOJ and Banning, email Judge Molloy (John.Molloy@riverside.courts.ca.gov)
For Indio, email Judge Benjamini (Dean.Benjamini@riverside.courts.ca.gov)
For Southwest, email Judge Hansen (Kelly.Hansen@riverside.courts.ca.gov)

Q:  Is an appearance necessary ?
A:  No

Q:  How do I get 977?  I heard the jails are dicey right now and don’t want to risk going to get a signature.
A:  There is a temporary new verbally authorized 977 form for you to fill out as a lawyer.  As long as you’ve communicated with your client and have permission, that’s all good.  

Hope everyone’s staying safe.  Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns!

Graham D. Donath, President
Riverside County Criminal Defense Bar Association

Links for Files:
New Riverside Bail Schedule (http://rccdba.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2nd-Temporary-Emergency-Bail-Schedule-2020_040920.pdf)
Stipulation and Orders for Bail (http://rccdba.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/200409_Stipulation-and-Order-in-Support-of-OR_Bail_Bail-Reduction-RI-CR076.pdf)

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  1. First of all, thanks so much for doing this Graham. Am I reading this correctly that if a person is charged with a crime not specified in Rule 5 (ie 2nd degree burg) and they have multiple strikes, bail would be $0?

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